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Introduction to programming (PGR102)


The course focus is to give the student an introduction to basic programming. Students learn, among other things, about variables, data types, loops, condition sentences, functions, and use of DOM features to change HTML and CSS. It focuses on creating small webpage applications, on client side, which utilizes features. The subject only uses pure JavaScript, that is, does not use libraries or frameworks.

Learning Outcomes


The student...

  • knows what programming language is    
  • has knowledge of programming history and what paradigms have been and are applicable in the field of study.    
  • knows what variables and types are and how they can be used in programming     
  • knows what the DOM is     
  • has knowledge of how programmers have helped - and still help each other by sharing knowledge through different online communities


The student...

  • is able able to use variables, arrays, loops, condition phrases     
  • is able able to use create and use functions
  • is able able to make use of the click event     
  • is able to use DOM features for HTML and CSS manipulation
  • is able able to use debugger (eg, console error panel) to check the code for errors     
  • is able able to make simple applications with simple algorithms
  • is able able to write neat and structured code
  • is able able to read, understand and change code that others have written

General competence 

The student...

  • understands the fundamental concepts and technics in programming


Bachelor of information technology 

Learning activities

Lectures, exercises, assignment and a written exam.

Student work load

Participation in teaching and supervision: 48 hours

Self-study: 80 hours

Independent preparation for presentation / discussion in class: 12 hours

Independent practice / lab work / practical work individually or in groups: 48 hours

Completion of and preparation for the exam: 12 hours

Recommended total time spent: 200 hours


Pure/vanilla JavaScript (withouth library or framework) and HTML editor.  

Compulsory assignments

Coursework requirements: Consists of one or more assignments/activities that collectively must be approved 

Qualified: G/IG (approved/not approved) 

Support materials: All support materials are allowed 

The coursework must be approved in order to take any examination in the course. 


Exam type: Individual written examination 

Duration: 3 hours 

Grading scale: Norwegian grading system using the graded scale A - F where A is the best grade, E is the lowest pass grade and F is fail 

Weighting: 60 % of the overall grade 

Support materials: No support materials are allowed 

Teaching materials

In addition to literature and other material, the lectures and other activities in this context are part of the curriculum.


The teaching will be given in Norwegian or English depending on the lecturer