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Bachelor programmes

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All our three-year bachelor programmes are practice-based. This way, you will sooner adjust to your first job after graduation.

When studying at the college’s bachelor studies, the demands for reflection and theoretical approach are higher than in lower education levels. In addition to delivering practical assignments, you must also be able to explain your choices academically.

Studying at the bachelor level can compare to having a full time job, with about twelve lectures a week. Self-study is therefore expected, alongside the lectures.

Lecturers with practical experience

The lecturers at our bachelor’s studies have published a number of books, write weekly articles and chronicles in the daily press and are frequently used as experts by the media. Our research is also regularly published in leading international journals in the field.

Many have a long track record from the industry and still act as consultants and advisors in addition to teaching at Kristiania University College. This comes to use in lectures, which often is enriched with practical cases and discussions about current affairs.

Note: All of our bachelor programmes are taught in Norwegian. Applicants must therefore have sufficient Norwegian language skills.