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In Trondheim, every fifth citizen is a student and the city has been voted Norway’s best student city several times – and rightly so. Volunteering and student activity characterize the entire city. 

In the heart of the city

Kristiania University College Trondheim is situated by a bridge in the heart of the city. In one of the well-known breweries along the famous Nidelva you will find a colorful and creative working environment for our students.

Here you can work flexibly, and it is easy to get acquainted with students across subjects


The environment in Trondheim is active, open and inclusive. House concerts, Christmas markets, career days, open lectures and exhibitions are frequently organized.

All our students are encouraged to come up with suggestions and ideas for new activities and projects to further develop Trondheim’s best student environment.

Student life

When coming to the city, you will find that the cityscape, cultural life and the business community are alive because of all the students. Trondheim is a knowledge-based city in growth, and new entrepreneurs are constantly popping up.

Last year there were 110 new establishments with backgrounds from the city’s education and research community. If you are someone who wants to see your own ideas grow and turn into something more, this is the place to be.

It is nearly impossible not to get tempted by all that Trondheim has to offer. UKA, ISFiT, the Pstereo festival and Samfundet are all institutions you should experience first hand. Look forward to getting to know Trondheim – the city that has everything you need without being too big.