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Art Lecture: Seabling

Seabling: Discursive Jewellery and Anthropogenic Marine Debris. Lecture by Synne Skjulstad.

Photo: Synne Skjulstad

Sadly, every shore is a treasury.

Seabling is a practice -based jewellery project where pieces of ocean plastic waste are explored as a material for jewellery. It explores a discursive approach to jewellery, defamiliarization and aesthetic recontextualization as part of a practice-led discursive design inquiry. The project aims at expanding the discursive space for such a deeply problematic material through processes of aesthetic recontextualizations and reconfigurations. It explores processes that seeks to make us look at this material anew; Jewellery serves as a mode of addressing wider questions relating to our recent, but catastrophic engagement with plastic – and futures yet to come.

Each piece of jewellery serves as a gentle, material nudge towards setting reflective processes about issues relating to an ongoing catastrophe. As plastic waste is an increasingly familiar sight along our coast line, this is but a symptom of a larger problem; A growing plastic leviathan lays at the bottom of the sea.

The project is led by Synne Skjulstad (Associate professor at Kristiania University College) and Vemund Barstad Bermingrud, and it is supported by Westerdals / Kristiania University College, Oslo. It has been presented at Pratt Institute, NYC; Aalto University, Helsinki; Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC; and Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore.

Instagram: @seablingsta
Web: seabling.no

The lecture will take place on November 14 at 6:00 PM, at Clarion Hotel Oslo (Dronning Eufemias gate 15), in the gallery on the 2nd floor (entrance through the hotel lobby).

Admission: FREE



There will be a pop-up shop with Seabling jewellery at the same hotel from November 14 6:00 PM until November 17 7:00 PM.