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International Business Communication

  • Studiepoeng: 30
  • Emneansvarlig: Hanne Stavelie 
  • Tilbys i: Oslo 
  • Emnekode: IBS2200

This is International Business Communication:

Do you want to work in an international environment? This course aims to build your confidence in communicating professionally across cultures in English. This includes understanding key challenges of cross-cultural business communication, negotiations and business ethics, and applying this knowledge in practice through various real-life business cases, simulations, class discussions, workshops and excursions. Other key topics include producing effective oral and written business messages, and learning to use storytelling as an effective communication tool in international branding. To become a good communicator, practice is key; the classroom is used as an arena for practice rather than for theory, and active participation is a necessity to achieve the learning goals.

You will learn to:

  • Understand how different cultural values and norms influence business behaviour
  • Handle misunderstandings and avoid conflicts in cross-cultural encounters
  • Apply techniques for conducting successful negotiations in an international environment
  • Identify and solve ethical dilemmas in international business
  • Employ storytelling as a marketing and sales tool and as a management tool
  • Write effective business messages adapted to various communication formats, channels and situations (such as business emails and reports)
  • Give effective oral presentations

Why choose International Business Communication?

Good communication skills create trust, and are key criteria for success in any business situation. In an increasingly international business environment both at home and abroad, there is a growing need for employees who can demonstrate cultural competence and a high proficiency in English. Combined with the ability to make ethical choices and to tailor messages to appeal to specific target audiences, this course provides you with an attractive and highly demanded competence in today’s job market.

Is this course suitable for you?

Are you interested in how communication works, and how mutual understanding in specific business contexts and situations may be improved? Are you intrigued by how cultural differences may influence business decisions and ethical reasoning? Are you eager to develop your own communication skills in English, and to participate actively in a dynamic class environment? If your answer is yes, this course is suitable for you.

Career and study prospects:

This course provides you with an attractive and highly demanded competence in international business communication in English. It opens opportunities for building relationships across cultures, and is particularly relevant if you wish to work in a business with international contacts or in a business using English as a corporate language. Topics covered in the course may also serve as points of departure for the bachelor thesis at Kristiania University College, or to pursue a Master’s degree in international business abroad or at home.