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Gøran Svensson

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Professor Göran Svensson is a professor at the Institute of Marketing, as well as Professor at Halmstad University in Sweden. Svensson is an active and dedicated member of numerous editorial boards and editorial review boards of international research journals. Furthermore, he is a committed member of numerous international research and scholarly networks and associations.

He is a frequent author of international journal articles (220+) and international conference contributions (260+). He is also engaged as a book author. Occasionally, he gives speeches in business and writes columns for business magazines and newspapers. During the 1980s he was an industrialist and entrepreneur in South America (Bogotá, Colombia).


  • Professor
    Kristiania University College, Norway
  • Editor
    European Business Review (Emerald)
  • Professor
    Halmstad University, Sweden
  • Honorary Professor
    Deakin University, Australia
  • Adjunct Professor
    Monash University
  • Visiting Professor
    University of Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Extraordinary Professor
    North West University, South Africa


  • PhD
    School of Economics and Commercial Law
    Gothenburgh University, Sweden

Recent publications

  • Eriksson, David; Svensson, Göran.
    A balance model of theoretical sustainability – framework and propositions. Corporate Governance : The international journal of business in society 2016 ;Volum 16.(1) s. 21-34
  • Eriksson, David; Svensson, Göran.
    The Process of Responsibility, Decoupling Point, and Disengagement of Moral and Social Responsibility in Supply Chains: Empirical Findings and Prescriptive Thoughts. Journal of Business Ethics 2016 ;Volum 134.(2) s. 281-298
  • Ferro, Carlos; Padin, Carmen; Svensson, Göran; Payan, Janice.
    Trust and commitment as mediators between economic and non-economic satisfaction in manufacturer-supplier relationships. The journal of business & industrial marketing 2016 ;Volum 31.(1) s. 13-23

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