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Ingeborg Hognestad Krange

ngeborg Krange


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How do students make sense of written texts, pictures, digital simulations? What is the teachers’ role in inquiry oriented and resource rich learning settings? How can medical staff use digital simulations to improve their diagnostic practices? What characterizes learning in science centers and museum?

These questions constitute the basis for my research interests. I contribute to knowledge on how technology rich environments are used and can be employed by students and others such as medical staff or museum guides. I want to influence the way people learn and improve their learning outcome. My publications primarily focus on sense making of scientific concepts and visualizations.

Currently, I am member of the professionally leader group for educational quality at the department. I am also responsible for the bachelor program in Educational Sciences (net based) where I teach and supervise the seminars: Introduction to Educational Sciences, Digital Resources, Learning and Teaching (under development); Bachelor thesis (under development). Presently, I am also the Head of the research group TransForm that has bi-weekly seminars discussing papers, research data, research applications and more.


  • Professor
    Kristiania University College
    2016 – present
  • Associate Professor
    Kristiania University College
    2015 – 2016
  • Senior Researcher
    University of Oslo
    June 2015
  • Research Fellow
    University of Oslo
    2001 – 2008
  • Researcher
    Telenor R&D
    1997 – 2001 (detached 2001 – 2008)
  • Project Leader
    Ministry of education
    199 – 1997

Visiting Research Experiences

  • Visiting Researcher
    UC Berkely
    January – August 2014
  • Visiting Research Fellow
    Op. en University, England
    February – July 2003


  • PhD, Computer-Mediated Learning
    University of Oslo (UiO)
  • Master, Sociology
    University of Oslo (UiO)

Membership and representations

  • European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction, Earli, http://earli.org/
  • International Society for Learning and Instruction, ISLS, https://www.isls.org/
  • INREMO – Interactive representations and models, Norwegian Research Council (VERDICT).(2011 – 2014).
  • European Network of Excellence, Kaleidoscope. (2004 – 2009).

Funded Research Projects (selected)

  • Nor-WISE. Funded by Peder Sather Foundation.
    2014 – 2015
  • MIRACLE, Mixed Reality Interaction Across Contexts of Learning. Funded by the Research Council of Norway, VERDICT.  Principle Investigator.
    2010 – 2015
  • EduAction. Funded by Telenor R&D, Research and Competence Network for ICT in Education. Principle Investigator.
    1998 – 2008

Board and Duties

  • Head of the research group TransForm
    Department of Creativity and Innovation – Kristiania University College
    2016 – present
  • Member of the professionally responsible leader group for educational quality
    Department of Creativity and Innovation – Kristiania University College
    2015 – present
  • Member of the Research Committee
    Department of Creativity and Innovation – Kristiania University College
  • Member of the International Strategy Group
    Department of Creativity and Innovation, Research Committee – Kristiania University College
  • Strategy Group at Department of Educational Research
    University of Oslo
  • Board Member at Department of Educational Research
    University of Oslo
  • InterMedia’s representative in the «Navnekommitéen — instilling til nytt instituttnavn i forbindelse med fusjonen mellom InterMedia og Pedagogisk forskningsinstitutt» (Naming committee for the merge between InterMedia and Institute for Educational Research)
    University of Oslo
  • InterMedia’s representative in «Tellekantutvalget»
    University of Oslo



  • Acta Didactica
  • British Medical Journal – BMJ Open
  • Science Education
  • International Journal of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
  • The Journal of the Learning Sceinces
  • Digital Kompetanse/ Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy
  • Tidsskrift for ungdomsforskning
  • UniPed


  • EARLI Special Interest GroupSIG 20
  • JURE
  • International Conference of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
  • Participatory Design Conference
  • NordiCHI
  • The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher
  • International Conference of Computers in Education

Editorial Board and Program Committees

  • Earli Special Interest Group SIG 20
  • ICCE: Theme-based Sub-Conference C5 on Digital Game and Intelligent Toy Enhanced Learning (DIGITEL) – Member of Program Committee
  • SosiologNytt, Member of Editorial Board

Teaching and Supervision

I teach and supervise at all levels in higher education, from bachelor to PhD. My lectures has mainly focused on methods in design-based research and interaction analysis, topics related to computer-supported collaborative learning, and issues emphasizing basic theories on learning and instruction.

Recent publications

  • Arnseth, Hans Christian; Krange, Ingeborg.
    What happens when you push the button? Analyzing the functional dynamics of concept development in computer supported science inquiry. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning 2016 s. 1-24
    HK UiO
  • Jornet, Alfredo; Roth, Wolff-Michael; Krange, Ingeborg.
    A Transactional Approach to Transfer Episodes. The Journal of the Learning Sciences 2016 ;Volum 25.(2) s. 285-330
    HK UiO
  • Krange, Ingeborg; Silseth, Kenneth; Pierroux, Palmyre.
    Facilitating Students’ Conceptual Learning on Science Center Fieldtrips. EARLI SIG Conference; 2016-08-28 – 2016-08-29
    HK UiO

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